A – Z of Sex……A is for……………

Ok so here it goes with a new little challenge for myself. A 26 part blog featuring a different naughty natured titbit for each letter of the alphabet.  I’m sure there will be some letters that have me debating with myself as to which topic to go for, so no doubt I will revisit the A – Z with other ideas but if there is anything you want me to cover leave me a comment, visit me on Facebook or send me a tweet and I will see what I can do!

So without further ado let’s kick it off…..

A is for ….. Anal; Yes yes maybe a little obvious to start with but it’s got to be done. It’s one of those words and ideas that inspires a very different response from everybody! There will be wild extremes of thoughts and reactions from both men and women to this innocuous little word ANAL.

You’ve got your “OMG its out of this world” and your “OMG no way, no how” or have you heard “It makes my butt clench just thinking about it” or maybe a “Oh yes you’ve got to try it”?

If you have always shied away from the big A then maybe some of these points will make you reconsider. Never say never after all!!

Step by step; Right so first things first for an Anal virgin is training. Yes that’s right, nobody should just expect you to be able to suddenly have a large, hard cock or toy thrusting away at your backdoor. It takes time and patience as well as teamwork between you and your partner. Oh and lube, lots and lots of lube! Silicone based lubricants tend to be the best for Anal as others just don’t last as long. Make sure the penis, finger or whatever toy you will be using is thoroughly covered as well as the anal entrance to ensure no resistance which can equal pain and discomfort.

You may even want to try a bit of oral back there to help start you off, or some stroking and fondling before any insertion begins. Most importantly; Relax!

Make sure your partner knows that this is something you have to build up to. I’m pretty sure if they think that if it hurts you they aint ever going back there again then they will be willing to take their time and go at your pace, it’s for their benefit as well after all.

Start off small; it will be best to start with a finger before anything else is even discussed. Make sure that the lube is flowing freely and have your partner stimulate just the entrance of your anus to help you relax those sphincter muscles. The sphincter muscles are the ones that hold the anus closed and penetration whilst they are tight and contracted can cause pain and possible tearing of the delicate tissue inside.

A whole new world; It may feel very strange at first so remember go slowly and adjust to these new sensations at your own pace. Once you are feeling comfortable with this then maybe get your partner to stimulate your clit and pussy as well. These more natural sensations for you may help you appreciate how anal can really feel. Double penetration of both the anus and vagina is a whole new realm of pleasure that may be tempting enough for you to explore this new bountiful experience. It is a feeling of fullness that cannot be equalled and who knows once you try it you may never look back!

There is a massive misconception that anal sex is dirty and messy. Well sure there can be a bit of mess sometimes but you could always try douching to clear out the anal canal before you get started but do remember that too much douching can dry you out so don’t overdo it. Apart from that if you know it’s something you will be doing later on then try and empty your bowels beforehand. Regardless of any mess, if you feel comfortable with your partner and do what you can to minimize any unwanted mess then try and get past this and I’m sure the pleasure will well overrule anything else.

Make sure you always use a condom for anal though as STI’s can be easily transmitted this way, especially if you get any small tears. Be smart, be safe.

So keep that lube flowing freely, don’t rush moving on to bigger objects until you’re ready, and relax. The more you relax the more you will enjoy this new experience.

If you are a diehard Anal fan then leave a comment for all the beginners out there with your own tips and experiences.

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