Bound to Tease Leather Heart Paddle

Bound to Tease Leather Heart Paddle

Review by; Red Divine

After several conversations with the lovely J’aime, they agreed to send me this paddle to try out as well as sending a second to the winner of my ‘Spankingly good Giveaway’ Amazing!!

Seeing as all you kinksters were keen to try this paddle yourselves; my terms of..when I hit a 1000 followers or by 21st July were blown out of the water so quickly, I wasn’t able to get this review completed before the giveaway ended, but no matter, it seems like the cute design had you all on your knees in anticipation of getting your own hands and butts on one. So better late than never, here are my thoughts on the Bound to Tease leather heart Paddle. Also big congratulations to Scandarella for scooping the prize…hope you enjoy.

When this little beauty arrived on my doorstep, I was initially surprised by the relatively small package and light weight.

Extricating the paddle from it’s outer packaging the paddle itself is packaged in just a clear plastic bag with a card tag attached to the hanging loop. Not much of interest on the tag apart from stating that it is Leather.

heart-paddle-tag bound-to-tease-leather-paddle

The paddle itself is black leather with dark pink stitching all the way around and 3 cut out heart shapes with a softer more squishy leather in dark pink underneath. The size felt more substantial when actually visible and in my hand and measures in at 13″ long and just over 3″ in width.

It is a light weight paddle but has a nice balance point and the handle being just an inch and a half wide feels nice to hold and not too cumbersome.

leather-heart-paddle heart-paddle-loop-around-wrist

Giving it a flick through the air produces that oh so satisfying ‘swish’ sound that leather does so well! OK so that spiked my libido…sounds are very sexy to me and this subtle swish made me keen to try this out.

The Bound to Tease leather heart paddle is sealed nicely around the edges so no rough, unfinished seams ruin the overall look. The look itself is best described as cute to me. The colours work well together, the heart cutouts look interesting and make me wonder how it will feel compared to a normal flat paddle but I’m not exactly a hearts and flowers kind of girly girl so it strikes..(oops the puns begin!) me as a beginner style paddle looks wise as it is pretty rather than substantial. Nothing wrong with this at all and it would make an awesome kinky gift for someone and certainly looks appealing. Besides the proof is in the whacking as to where this falls on the beginner; advanced spanking level.

sealed-edge-of-bound-to-tease-paddle sealed-edge-of-leather-heart-paddle

There is also a hanging loop at the end of the handle, looped through a metal hole. This is always handy for storage and I could also use this around my wrist during use. The loop is quite small though so not sure if everyone will be able to fit their hands through it, there is a small amount of material left for adjustment though so it may work for you. I love having the handle to use personally. I’m the epitome of clumsy so this helps me from launching the paddle across the room mid use!! 😉

There is a fair amount of bend to the heart paddle. It definitely isn’t rigid but still has a nice firmness.

bound-to-tease-heart-paddle-wrist-hanging-loop the-bend-of-the-heart-paddle

One word of warning is that it can get pretty noisy, so if you need to be aware of discretion then a heads up for you!

Also if you have a crazy dog like my fluffy beast then casually slapping your hand in the kitchen will start a torrent of barking and trying to grab the paddle to stop human being hurt! Hahaha. 🙂

So how did it feel? I had a play around just testing out the different sensations when used with a different strength behind it and it actually has quite a pleasant thud and sting behind it. That sound of leather slapping against bare skin is goosebump raising for me and this definitely has that sexy sound. It starts with a slap and then tapers out to a gentle sting. Not a heavy hitter but still brought a lovely flush to my skin and started warming it nicely.

I’d say this is a great starting paddle either for a gentle entry into BDSM or a paddle to just get the fire kicking in an impact play session.

bound-to-tease-leather-paddle back-of-heart-paddle

You get all the sensations I’ve come to love from impact play, the sounds, even the smell of the leather, the thudding feel as it lands then that warm stinging after glow. Yet it probably won’t push a lot of people past their limit of pain. It’s gentle, seductive yet still has a sting that gets my breathing quickening and the blood pounding.

My thighs took a good old spanking from this…purely scientific you understand? With a lovely rosy glow and warmth spreading, I was a bit heated elsewhere after my er… testing.

I didn’t notice any heart shaped patterns remaining from the cutouts unfortunately, this would of been cute but there were some darker areas presumably where these fell.

cut-out-hearts softer-leather-on-heart-cut-outs

On buttocks well it felt pretty damn good actually. I tried this out whilst masturbating and it added a fab extra sensation, across my butt and thighs. During partner play it felt a bit more like foreplay than a full on heavy bondage session but that was kind of lovely to be honest.

With it’s lightweight feel, pretty heart design and gentle slap or slightly heavier thud this paddle would probably appeal to many people. Those testing out your impact play levels and those wanting a more fun, teasing build up in a session could be pleasantly surprised and pleased by this.

Wielding the paddle myself, its light weight is great for me due to having weak and pathetic wrists, the loop around my wrist prevents any broken windows and its cute design looks pretty hot against bare skin.

bound-to-tease-heart-paddle heart-paddle-in-hand

This could be a great addition to your toy collection if you are intrigued by impact play and want to progress on spanking. I’m positive I will be using this many times and it currently looks very sweet hanging on the back of my bedroom door.


Well made, good price, leather, a fun playful paddle that gave me a rosy glow and a softly stinging butt.

Thank you so much to J’aime for providing this product free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. As well as being doubly awesome for providing a second paddle for the winner of my very first giveaway.

You can buy the Bound to Tease Leather Heart Paddle from J’aime for £25.00


No affiliate links have been used in this review.

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