Tantus Slick – Large

Tantus Slick – Large

Review by; Red Divine


  1. Smooth, glossy, and slippery
  2. Deftly executed; adroit
  3. Confident and effortlessly effective, especially in being persuasive.
  4. Superficially attractive or plausible but lacking depth or soundness
  5. Slang Excellent; wonderful.

The lovely people at Tantus were kind enough to send me one of their newest creations; the Slick, size large.

The Slick is one of the awesome O2 dual density silicone dildos that Tantus excel at. Dual density basically means a squishy outer layer over a firmer inner core. It still features the 100% ultra premium grade silicone that Tantus are famous for but with an added squish that I couldn’t wait to get my hands and vulva on!

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Sensation Play

Sensation Play
By; Red Divine
A physical feeling or perception resulting from something that happens to or comes into contact with the body:

Sensation can have a very different meaning for all of us. From a pleasant, enjoyable sensation to a positively vile experience, it plays a part in both physical and mental psyche. We all have different expectations from sensation and for very different reasons.

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Rose tinted glasses? Giveaway!!!

Here we are guys, quicker than you may have expected but I’m very excited to announce another giveaway!!

The awesome folks at Sh! Womenstore have been amazing enough to provide this Luxury Satin Blindfold to sponsor this giveaway which means you can enter to win this gorgeous kinky accessory.


The winner will receive this blindfold in pink and be able to view life through rose tinted glasses for some seriously hot sensation play.

(Description from the Sh! Womenstore page)

  • Luxurious and sensuous blindfold for kinky or purely hedonistic play
  • 30 inch long ties backs and totally opaque padded front
  • Sensual total darkness – makes all other senses come alive!
  • Easy to use – perfect for beginners and lovers of luxury
  • Handmade by Sh! ® in London England – Top quality, ethically-produced bondage gear with 1 Year Guarantee

My last couple of reviews have been for items more focused in the BDSM category so this beautiful blindfold ties 😉 nicely into this theme as well as my upcoming piece all about sensation play!!

Enter below for your chance to win. Giveaway will end on the 31st July 2016 I’ll then be checking all entries and announcing the winner.

Thank you in advance for your support and good luck!

Thank you also to Sh! Womenstore, you can purchase the Luxury Satin Blindfold directly from them as well.



*Open in the UK only (Sorry international friends)

*You must be prepared to provide me with a delivery name and address

*No giveaway accounts – I will check and if all you post is competition tweets you will be disqualified

*Tweet entries must not be deleted – I’m watching you….!

*Item is provided new and unused

*Winner will be announced within 48 hours of competition ending and must reply to me within 72 hours else a new winner will be drawn


Red Divine’s Rose Tinted Glasses….Giveaway!!

Bound to Tease Leather Heart Paddle

Bound to Tease Leather Heart Paddle

Review by; Red Divine

After several conversations with the lovely J’aime, they agreed to send me this paddle to try out as well as sending a second to the winner of my ‘Spankingly good Giveaway’ Amazing!!

Seeing as all you kinksters were keen to try this paddle yourselves; my terms of..when I hit a 1000 followers or by 21st July were blown out of the water so quickly, I wasn’t able to get this review completed before the giveaway ended, but no matter, it seems like the cute design had you all on your knees in anticipation of getting your own hands and butts on one. So better late than never, here are my thoughts on the Bound to Tease leather heart Paddle. Also big congratulations to Scandarella for scooping the prize…hope you enjoy.

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Spankingly Good Giveaway!!

I’m very excited to launch my first blog Giveaway, sponsored by the lovely people at J’aime.

The prize is this gorgeous Bound To Tease Heart Leather Paddle for all you impact play fans out there and those wishing to dip their toes in the sea of kink and BDSM.


There will be a review of the same item by me shortly so watch out for that and see what my thoughts were.

I’ve been wanting to add some more BDSM style items to my blog so this fits in a treat and I can’t wait to give the OK to J’aime to send this beauty out to the lucky winner.

*Closing date is the 21st July 2016, however if you guys help me reach 1000 twitter followers before that date then you can get your hands and butt on this cheeky paddle even quicker!

So good luck everyone and I really appreciate all your support.

Red 🙂

Sponsored by;


Some quick notes:

*Open Worldwide

*Follow me on Twitter and Retweet as many times as you like to enter.

*Each Retweet will count as one entry

*Winners details will be passed to J’aime for them to post directly to you

*Closing date 21st July 2016 or when 1000 Twitter followers reached



The Relaxing Intimate Dewcibox courtesy of the Pleasure Panel

This time round on the awesomeness that is Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel I had the chance to delve into the world of the latest sensation of the adult industry; The Subscription toy box. For me it was a standalone box with a decidedly romantic feel.

Did Dewcibox manage to make a box that works for a lesbian couple? This new idea on adult toy shopping has appeared to be aimed mainly at the heteronormative society so did they manage to pull it off? Check out my review and see if it’s something that may work for you.

Many thanks as ever to the gorgeous Cara Sutra, The Pleasure Panel and also Dewcibox.

The Relaxing Intimate Dewcibox Review


Kink Craft Connected Cuffs Kit

Kink Craft Connected Cuffs Kit

Review by; Red Divine

Ok, I’m not even gonna bother easing you into this review to find out what I thought of the Kink Craft Connected Cuff Kit, let’s not beat around the bush…I loved it…Love Love Loved it!

I had so much fun creating these awesome cuffs from just a length of Paracord and a video guide. It was so simple, so satisfying and you get a product at the end of it that’s different, yours and it actually works! No gimmicks, no messing about, just straight forward directions and the perfect materials to work with.

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Cara Sutra Blogger Spotlight

I was very honored last week to have my turn in the spotlight on the awesome Cara Sutra’s website. She does a great feature for both bloggers and sex toy reviewers as well as Erotic Authors to tell everyone a bit more about themselves.

Plucking up the courage I started writing and sent my piece to Cara who published it on her spotlight page On Thursday 26th May. I’m actually quite shy sometimes, give me a sex toy to review and I’ll tell you how it made my clit feel but getting down to the more personal stuff about me as an individual still gives me moments of anxiety so this was a big deal to me.

Cara’s flattering words put a huge smile on my face the day it was published and a little of that anxiety eased off…

Cara you have been my rock on my early intro on blogging and I’m very happy to share this with you, your readers and obviously my own. Thank you lovely and all of you reading this be sure to go and pay homage to Cara’s awesome site.

Red Divine Sex Blogger Spotlight Series