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Frolicka is a website that brings together a selection of sex toys and accessories that allows you to compare prices from some of the top online retailers.

It’s a different take on the whole industry and makes for an interesting browse through the many products they have listed.

frolicka catergories

If buying sex toys is new to you then you may find this site a big help. Rather than going to one of the many awesome retailers out there and staring blankly at the pages and pages of vibrators or dildos or whatever toy you are looking for and feeling like you don’t even know where to start or what you even want anymore, Frolicka helps you narrow it down a bit and will point you in the right direction for the best price and offers available.

After many conversations with Frolicka they informed me that reviews are going to be a big thing for them in the future too. So not only will you have the best prices available you’ll have a wealth of knowledge to pick through from people that have used the product and will give you an honest opinion.

They are also adding more erotica stories as well as tips and advice too hopefully on a regular basis from regular contributors.

Love sex intelligence

The overall feel of the Frolicka website is pleasant. I love their logo that hints at the naughtiness behind it but isn’t too in your face raunchy that if someone caught sight of it over your shoulder they’d instantly know what you were looking at.

The menu is broken into different sex toy categories as well as erotica, advice and reviews available separately (On the mobile version of the site these appear at the bottom of the menu) under the names….


*Love Sex Intelligence


I like the different names rather than the standard obvious descriptions but I do wish they were at the top of the list on the mobile version so that I didn’t have to scroll through the rather long list of toys and brands to get there. Just a personal preference but I think these categories could be popular so maybe stick them where they are more noticeable.

I mentioned brands before and yes they have a separate category for some of the top brands in the industry. If you’re looking for body safe products or know of a particular brand you want to buy from then this is a big help.

I think it’s a great idea for a site and I do think a lot of people will gain some great insight, as well as savings and advice.

There will be some of the more seasoned sex toy buyers that this may not appeal to as they have their preferred retailers to shop from, however let’s be honest we all love a bargain so maybe we all need to branch out a bit and share the sex toy love.

Lots more to come from Frolicka I think, definitely a site I will keep popping back to, even if only for a little naughty erotica read 😉


Frolicka were also kind enough to send me a product to review so look out for that shortly.

Good luck to Frolicka for making this site a hot spot of bargains, great advice and erotica and thank you for allowing me to appear on your site with my review for the Ooh By Je Joue London Love In Kit.

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