Hebe Body Wand Massager from Sh!

Hebe Body Wand Massager from Sh!

Review By; Red Divine

After being in touch with the awesomeness that is Sh! They kindly agreed to send me a product to try free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. With much deliberation I opted to try the Hebe Body Wand Massager, a small wand style massager priced on their site at £39.00.

The Hebe is a black and lovely bright blue mixed material toy. The black is ABS plastic and the blue a silky smooth silicone. The wand is presented in such a lovely way from Sh! Arriving in a discreet package and wrapped in purple tissue paper sealed with their logo sticker it was just like receiving a gift wrapped present. A great touch to keep the thrill and anticipation going before you’ve even seen your brand new toy!

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The Hebe comes in a textured black box, almost like a snakeskin print with a clear window giving you a glimpse of the wand. They even place a “sealed and secure” sticker over the opening of the magnetic hinged lid that shows you everything is checked and double checked at Sh! and gives you a feeling of being looked after. With the words “Body Wand” printed in silver, there is no mistaking what you have inside, and even a little black rope handle to carry your wand down the street as a cute little box bag if you so wish!

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Inside, the wand is nestled in a velvety coated foam insert with the USB charging lead and User Manual underneath. The User Manual is the only thing that let down the packaging and presentation for me. There appears to be some translation quirks that are a little annoying


She is elegant, elegant figure, like a ballet dancer rise and dance in a happy mood, write a pleasant movement

I mean what? Dance in a happy mood? is that a euphemism for an orgasm or am I supposed to dance around the bedroom and write something too? Minor annoyance but must be noted.Although it does state the materials and that they are Non Toxic so that’s a plus. Body safe materials are very important and should definitely play a part in helping you choose your product. This wand meets the body safe check list and at £39.00 that’s a definite bonus.

The USB charger is one of those awesome little plugs that just slips into a teeny tiny little hole in the silicone at the bottom of the wand. The port just seals itself when not in use so you have no annoying flips or fumbling.

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The Hebe Wand is pretty small for a wand massager at just 7 inches long but would the vibrations have some magical depth contained in its small package?

Its round ball style head is the ABS plastic material and I really wished that it was the silicone material instead as it’s so silky and smooth. I understand though that as a kind of dual product, being a body massager that doubles as a vibrator, the plastic would work better on skin that hasn’t been lubricated, as it will have less drag than even the soft silicone used here. I understand but I know most of us will be using it as a vibrator! Well I will be anyway 😉 Lets face it that’s what you want to read about 😉

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The Hebe fits nicely in my hand and is very light so no aching masturbating wrist from heavy toys! I would of preferred the button just a little bit higher on the handle personally so that my thumb could hit it a little easier and I didn’t have to shift my grip but the control button itself is easy, responsive and nicely integrated into the toy in the blue silicone material.

The Hebe has 7 function from a single button, press and hold for a couple of seconds to turn on and you always start at the lowest constant vibration, second one; middle constant speed, third; highest constant speed. After that you have the pretty standard pulse and pattern options. On the Hebe you get 4 which are mostly pretty good, I do get a bit annoyed with these pulses so don’t often linger too much on them but I did find myself trying out these ones quite regularly so not a total waste after all.

There’s a nice curve to this toy, it feels very comfortable and natural in my hand so I was keen to try out the vibrations. Testing them on my hand and a few achy spots first I was pleasantly surprised by even just the lowest speed. It was pretty damn good, it sounds very buzzy but feels a little more rumbly and deep than the sound leads you to believe. Cranking up a gear and another was very pleasing, I hoped the rumbles and broadness of the vibrations transferred in a good way when used as a vibrator.

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Quickly back to sound, The Hebe does sound quite loud because of the buzzy noise especially on the highest setting, however I did conduct a quick sound check. I left the Hebe running, on full under my duvet and listened from outside the door. I could hear it ever so slightly but only because I was listening so hard to be honest. In use I knew for me it would be a little louder again though; as I’m pierced anything that has a hard exterior makes the most god awful racket when it hits my clit piercing, so not exactly a sneaky one to use for me.

So how did the Hebe stand up in use? Just a quick reminder, please make sure you only use water based lube on any silicone toys you have. Silicone lube can damage the silicone of your toy, so stick with the water based even if you need to keep topping it up.

So after lubing up I spent some time testing out The Hebe’s power. I was pretty impressed to be honest. For such a small and light wand there is some serious kick behind The Hebe, the broad round head of the wand made pin point stimulation difficult so for me it was a slow build up, testing the different modes and angles.

20160419_123926 20160419_124055

Holding it lower down, across my labia and just inside my pussy the vibrations were quite deep and satisfying and the feel of the lubed up black plastic was smooth and friction free. Then on my clit I could feel myself building up to a massive orgasm; but…..I just seemed to hang there! I couldn’t believe it, how could I not come with this magic wand vibrating right the way through my pelvis and clit? I think it comes down to anatomy. My clit loves direct, often pin point stimulation in order for me to come, I still couldn’t understand it though as I could feel the vibrations so strongly, even to the point I was starting to get a bit numb, it felt heavenly but frustrating in the end, however all was not lost as I dug out a glass dildo (a new favourite of mine..watch out for the review soon!) and in literally seconds I was screaming like a banshee.

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It seems focusing all that intensity as a broad stimulation on my clit doesn’t work for me but throw a little extra sensation in to redirect all that clit stim and it just blew me away. I think If the rounded ball had been just slightly bigger or the vibrations slightly more powerful this would have been way more than enough for me. I tried using the Hebe next time after already playing around and being very aroused and it worked better for me and gave me another very intense orgasm. This seemed to be the theme for me.

The great thing with this wand though is that once I’ve come once, the vibrations hit a good enough depth that I’m soon hitting another and another orgasm without even trying. This makes the Hebe a real little gem for me.

Quality wise it seems pretty good all in all. The seams between the two materials will need to have attention when cleaning but being spashproof that shouldn’t be a problem and all seems well put together, my only concern is that being so lightweight I do worry if the motors will keep up their pace long term after multiple charges but only time will tell here. It feels like a good quality though.

20160419_135922 20160419_124129

Overall I love this Hebe Wand Body Massager from Sh! It’s USB rechargeable, body safe, has decent vibrations and is just so cute and petite. Presentation is great and it feels pretty luxurious and all for £39.00

Being a bit of a power queen it could do with just a little more oomph for me so I’m not left hanging in orgasm limbo or make it just a bit bigger so the head could be angled differently, finally move that button just ever so slightly and this could almost be perfect. As it is though I think the Hebe is a great product for someone wanting to try out wands but not having the money for the big names or a little unsure if the wand will be too much for them, or someone wanting a cute little travel companion maybe. This will definitely be coming out to play in the future especially alongside a nice dildo to compliment those sensations


Thank you so much to Sh! for providing me with this product to try in exchange for an honest review of The Hebe Wand Body Massager.



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