Key Ceres Rabbit Dual Action Massager

Key Ceres Rabbit Dual Action Massager

Review by;  Red Divine

When the lovely people at Divine Desire offered me the Jopen Key to try out and review who was I to refuse?

From the moment the package was dispatched I was waiting on tenterhooks to receive my new little goodie to keep me company on a lonely night!

Upon arrival my excitement sparked once more when my hot little fingers ripped into the plain, discreet packaging box and revealed the Jopen.

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With its classy but understated black, pink and white box with a silky ribbon on the top to slide the 2 parts of the box apart I felt like I was handling a rare treat. When you remove the smooth silicone Key Ceres Rabbit Dual Action Massager from the box you will find a handy and discreet little black goodie bag underneath which I will certainly be using to store my new friend safely.

Although I didn’t even find the bag until later as I was immediately enamoured with the soft, silky feel of the gloriously feminine pink vibe. It feels quite weighty in your hand and a pleasing solidity that makes you think of luxury and quality. With the vibration intensity buttons fused into the smooth shaft and ending in a chrome end piece with the on / off and vibration pattern cycle button all in one it is a non fussy, sleek, elegant looking piece. The Jopen has a rather bulbous tip and was a little shorter in length than I expected but all in all I was definitely looking forward to trying out this flawless item.

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The Stats;

  • 4.5” x 1.75”/11.5 cm x 4.5 cm (shaft)
  • 2.25” x 1”/5.75 cm x 2.5 cm (stimulator)
  • Dual motor massager
  • 7 patterns plus incremental speed control
  • Powerful, reverberating vibrations
  • Glass-like, designer controller
  • Body Safe Silicone
  • Uses (2) AA batteries
  • Waterproof
  • One year warranty
  • Soft, lint-free pouch included

The Testing; Ok so being a silicone vibe I dug out my water based lube so as not to cause any reactions between the vibe and a silicone based lube. So after a bit of time between me and my new friend the things I noted with this vibe are, most importantly the texture is a lovely feel against the skin, its smooth and sleek and no annoying ridges or edges to cause friction or irritation.

I love the smooth feel of the buttons integrated into the shaft even if it can be a bit tricky to hit the right one when you’re in the moment! The pattern cycling button also being the on/off button on the end of the vibe serves its purpose beautifully, no fiddling aimlessly for the right button you have an instant change of pace and pattern when you hit that bad boy!

I must say at first I wasn’t too impressed with this vibe but once I realised I just couldn’t use it in my normal masturbation way I discovered its added delights. Being quite a short stumpy vibe with the bulbous end I found that once it was “in place” it was pretty much there for the long haul. With a little help from my PC muscles I had myself a hands free vibe. Wow excited doesn’t cut it, having always wished there was a way to have the vibe feeling but free up my hands I had unintentionally discovered my own little piece of heaven. This was a very different way for me personally to masturbate but it did free up my hands as well as my imagination and even allowed some position changes very easily.

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My main issue with this vibe however is the clit stimulator. It just didn’t seem to work for me, it’s set quite close to the shaft of the body and although flexible it just wants to spring back to its usual place, this made for some slightly uncomfortable moments when trying to position it right for me. Whether this is a design flaw or just that my anatomy isn’t quite suited to this set up is hard to say but it did cause a bit of frustration at times. Maybe being pierced was also an issue as the pressure of the clit stimulator sat a bit heavy for me.

This isn’t a vibe to thrust in and out you need to let it sit there and work its magic, with the good range of patterns and reasonably strong power it certainly did the trick for me and even helped me mix things up a bit when in solo play. Anything that can give me new sensations and excite my imagination as well as my body is a positive to me.

The Results; Jopen have made a beautiful product. You can feel the high quality of the vibe from the smooth silicone to the luscious integrated buttons and smooth almost glass like handle. It screams luxury and it made me scream too so all in all a winner.

I do have some issues with the design though purely for my own use. The clit stimulator definitely sits too close to the shaft for me and the power up and down buttons can be a little tricky to use when the vibe is inside. Once I got over my initial reservations and used the vibe in a different way it definitely brought pleasure and a good sensation as well as freedom with my hands! Well done Jopen a truly lovely, special product.

Score – 7/10

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