Kink Craft Connected Cuffs Kit

Kink Craft Connected Cuffs Kit

Review by; Red Divine

Ok, I’m not even gonna bother easing you into this review to find out what I thought of the Kink Craft Connected Cuff Kit, let’s not beat around the bush…I loved it…Love Love Loved it!

I had so much fun creating these awesome cuffs from just a length of Paracord and a video guide. It was so simple, so satisfying and you get a product at the end of it that’s different, yours and it actually works! No gimmicks, no messing about, just straight forward directions and the perfect materials to work with.

So there you go, I am now a certified kinky crafter and I am proud!! Look at what I made! Aren’t they funky? Ok I’m going to stop gushing now….hmmmm, do I have to….! 😉 let me give you the details about what you get, how to do it and if it’s right for you.

kink-craft-connected-cuffs-in-the-flowers kink-craft-cuffs-in-the-garden

The Kink Craft connected cuffs Kit was sent to me free of charge by the awesome Kink Craft  in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

The kit arrived in the cutest, most lovely presented purple box with the Kink Craft logo on top and even tied with a ribbon, truly making it feel like a treat or a gift. A really lovely touch to display their kits and also the finished product will nestle snugly in the box for storage in the future. Obviously it will depend what your product is as to whether it will fit and also to be honest you may be more likely to display your finished product in the open so you can admire your handy work time and time again! I had the pleasure of making one of Kink Crafts mini floggers at Sexhibition last year and that gorgeous purple and black beauty hangs on my wall, in my bedroom, pride of place!

kinkcraft-connected-cuffs-box kink-craft-course-for-connected-cuffs

There’s something really satisfying about using a product that brings you pleasure and knowing it was all your own handy work that brought it to life.

Looking inside my cute little box I received a length of red Paracord (had to go with my namesake colour) a card with a code to claim my course videos and a wooden skewer to assist during the making.

You have several options with the Kink Craft products. Buy it ready made; for the connected cuffs this will cost you £30.00 buy the kit and get the course free for £20.00 or just buy the course for £10.00

I think these are great prices for the quality and the enjoyment of the finished product. For the purposes of this review obviously we are looking at the kit and course together but it’s great to have the option of buying it all ready made for you, plus if you just buy the course and supply your own materials you have a bit more leeway on colours and buckles. Once you have the course you can re-visit it as many times as you want or need to.

kink-craft-presentation kink-craft-connected-cuffs-box-contents

So skipping ahead, once I had my course all set up on the Kink Craft website, a nice easy process, with clear instructions, it was time to get crafty, the kinky bit comes later 😉

I won’t go into too much detail here as I think part of the fun will be discovering exactly each step of the process. Suffice to say, the videos are clear and concise. Being able to stop, pause and go back makes it easy for every level of crafter, you can see and hear about each step and do things at your own pace. This course is classed as intermediate level which I would agree with. It wasn’t hugely difficult but has some fiddly moments that you must get right. I do believe anyone could give these a go. With time and patience, you can create yourself a great set of cuffs, made doubly pleasurable knowing it was your own fair hands that transformed a length or Paracord into a usable, sexy item.

approaching-the-first-buckle-kink-craft-connected-cuffs close-up-of-weaving-kink-craft-connected-cuffs

Now I confess I am a bit of a perfectionist so I did spend probably unnecessary time going back to make sure my cuffs were as perfect as possible. Measuring is a very important part so make sure you have a tape measure handy as well as some scissors for cutting off the excess length.

I completed the first few steps watching the videos and then when I was on my way I just carried on when I had time, including on a train journey! It was so funny seeing people watch me out of the corner of their eye trying to figure out what I was making. This made me feel a bit naughty and heightened my desire to try these cuffs out!! Public kinky crafting needs to be a thing..craft on the train, a bus, an aeroplane. Sat in your garden drinking tea or cocktails or at Kink Crafts suggestion up a mountain….I didn’t try that one out due to time scale unfortunately 😉 but if you need me Kink Craft I’m here, give me a location and I’ll see if I can craft!

kink-craft-connected-cuffs-first-buckle kink-craft-connected-cuffs-close-up

Anyway, my cuffs were completed in a decent time actually, it didn’t take me long once in the swing of it and I thought they looked great. The material of Paracord is immensely strong and once weaved together like this adds even more strength and durability. I can’t imagine much wear and tear to be honest although perhaps over time they may loosen after being pulled and tugged at in use and if you haven’t finished your end properly there’s a chance of it slipping out but only time will tell here and I feel pretty confident on this being a long lasting product if you let the lovely Pixie guide you right.

I made my cuffs slightly bigger than necessary for me but I wanted them to fit both me and my partner but you can adjust to be a snugger fit to increase the restriction purely by getting all your measurements right to start.

kink-craft-cuffs-completed completed-kink-craft-cuffs

Once completed the cuffs have a certain amount of rigidity owing to the type of weave used but they do have enough flex in them to make playtime interesting. They don’t hurt at all but the material is slightly rough almost to the touch so there are some great sensations when in use. Rubbing and scraping at my skin felt heavenly. No pain just pure sensation and restriction. My mind and body went into overdrive. Pulling, tugging and trying to resist these cuffs got me nowhere, they are sturdy and aren’t gonna give out anytime soon. It was sexy, exciting with a heedy sense of lack of control washing over me, it was a memorable experience using these cuffs for the first time.

I adore the restrictions of cuffs both on myself and knowing my partner is entirely at my mercy. There’s something very sexy about cuffs, not being able to touch, being under the control of a trusted partner, not being able to stop the pleasure when it all seems too much, work through it and you’re likely to have some of the best sex of your life! If this is your kink of course.

The connected cuffs also look great in use. I love the bright colour of the red against pale, unblemished skin. Swoon…..A heavy black leather can be sexy but I loved this slightly toned down image of what Bondage can be. It’s not all about black, there’s colour and fun and boundless pleasure in these quirky, crafted cuffs.

artistic-kink-craft-connected-cuffs kink-craft-connected-cuffs

I’m a switch so I’m happy to be in the hot seat and cuffed myself or enjoying the control of having my partner restricted and laid prone beneath me. These cuffs are most definitely going to be a regularly used product. I love everything about them and they make me feel incredibly sexy.

The buckles on the kits are simple and functional and do what they need to do. I’d really love to make some with the metal buckles next time as I love the look of them but the black plastic ones in my kit were absolutely fine. Once in the cuffs they are pretty impossible to get out of yourself, especially if you have made them a snug fit. I love this factor, no naughty escaping! There’s even a little sliding lock you can engage for those wanna be Houdini’s.

kink-craft-cuffs connected-cuffs-buckle

A quick note though, please make sure you are fully trusting of your partner when using handcuffs of any description. If you are indulging in some BDSM play then have safe words in place and play safe, respectfully and have pleasure in mind at all times based on yours and your partners limits. Communication is essential.

All in all I found this kit to be fun, a challenge to myself, great to look at and so much fun to use. It’s making me want to try them out again right now just writing this so that’s a win right there!

My girl had great fun taking some of these pictures and playing around with some filters, loved this slightly abstract one.


I also had to see if I could manage a selfie of the cuffs and this was my best effort. 😉


Kink Craft are an amazing company with some awesome ideas. They have created a very easy to follow system and have some amazing options to try yourself or to buy ready made. From beginner to expert there should be something to suit any crafting level or interest.  I will definitely be off to check out what my next kit is going to be. I will make them all one day, I really will. Like seriously I need another kit now…..what to choose next!!?

My name is Red and I am a self confessed Kinky Crafter….


Thank you so much to Kink Craft for this Connected Cuff kit. It has been a great experience and I’m sure there will be many more amazing experiences to come with these beauties.

No affiliate links have been used in this review.

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