Loving Joy Deluxe Pearl Rabbit from Belle De Soir

Loving Joy Deluxe Pearl Rabbit from Belle De Soir

Review by; Red Divine

When the lovely people at Belle De Soir offered to send me a product from their Loving Joy range I almost bit their hand off!

Belle De Soir are a Lingerie and Sex Toy boutique comparing shopping for dildos to shopping for clothes. I love this ethos as society is definitely more accepting these days and why shouldn’t we all be able to purchase our hearts desire safely, discreetly and confidently whether that’s a new dress or shoes or a new vibrator or dildo?

So having reigned myself in I looked through Belle De Soir’s Loving Joy range and decided upon the Deluxe Pearl Rabbit sold for £36.99. I’ve not always been a fan of rabbit vibrators but having had the chance to review a pretty awesome one lately I was feeling the bunny love so hoped my choice was a wise one!

I received the Deluxe Pearl Rabbit quickly in a discreet brown box with no company marks or clues as to the content. Nestled inside was the sleek looking box containing the rabbit. Featuring a black background with silver and white writing and a picture of the toy itself on the sleeve I was pleased with its modern, bold but simple packaging.

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Sliding off the sleeve you are left with a sturdy black box containing the Deluxe Pearl Rabbit along with a magnetic connection charger held in a cut out foam insert. A great box to store your toy so I love this touch. My only small niggle was the cut out for the charger was really a bit small so you had to contend with moving the ends of the charger around till the lid sat smoothly again. Very minor but I’m a neat freak so had to be noted. Not to linger too much longer on the packaging but the sleeve contains all your important information such as water resistant, rechargeable, body safe and that the product is made from real silicone. Oh and a reminder to use water based lube and not silicone. Very important with a silicone toy.

So taking my first look at the Loving Joy Deluxe Pearl Rabbit my first thought was “Aww cute” A bright, shocking pink colour with white plastic handle and the controls laying almost flush against the handle itself. This vibrator is definitely not a heavy weight item. At just 8″ with an insertable length of about 4.5″ and just 1.75″ girth there’s certainly no “oh my god look at the size of that” thoughts. It is petite, pleasantly curvy with a bulbous end and 2 individual flickering bunny ears. This is the first toy I’ve had with the magnetic charger connection and I thought it was a great idea. No internal ports to get clogged with lube and other bodily fluids. The connector snaps quickly and easily to the body of the rabbit and the other end is USB so charge straight through your computer or a USB mains plug.

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So having charged up, washed up and lubed up I tested out the Deluxe Pearl Rabbit for the first time.The controls feature a center power button, press and hold for a couple of seconds and the lights come on, press and hold for a couple of seconds again and you power off. Once on you have an up and down arrow to choose from. The up arrow controls the shaft functions and the down one the clit stimulation. With a huge 10 different options in both controllers I was a little overwhelmed by my choices. Choose from 3 constant speed options and 7 different pulse functions on both.

20160326_151949 20160326_151954

This seemed a lot! Just when I thought I had got back to the constant setting I was surprised by a sudden dip or increase in the vibrations as I found yet another pulse option. Now don’t get me wrong as a woman I want to have options, need to have choices but I found essentially 20 different options just a little too much. I would never use all of them and found I was just skipping through to get back to my favourite. This became a little frustrating as with lubed up hands and in the heat of the moment I didn’t always hit those control buttons first time so it all became a bit fiddly with so many presses needed.

Now some people may love all the different choices so this would work really well for them, you can tease yourself and build up for a long slow satisfying orgasm for sure with this toy. Just a tad too much for me personally.

The sound of this vibrator is pretty quiet actually, only really sounding loud on the top speed clit setting but once buried inside you this does muffle a bit so yes a nice discreet sound. The vibrations themselves are moderately powerful but being a bit of a power girl I wished that last constant speed was just a little bit more; well intense, the bulbous end was very nice, finding a sweet little spot inside, I found the shaft vibrations a subtle, gentle tease and did enjoy them but they definitely weren’t incredibly powerful. I’m a girl that definitely needs clit stimulation to orgasm though so I did crave just a little more when I switched back to the clit stimulator. This is not a dual action toy, it’s one or the other shaft or clit, I wasn’t keen on this at first being greedy, but it was actually a nice teasing sensation to flick between the two.

As with a lot of rabbit vibrators though I did come across the same problem I’ve had before, the rabbit ears just don’t seem to naturally sit in the right place for me, I need to use my other hand to adjust slightly and the ears are just that bit too flimsy so you can’t just add any extra pressure.

Unfortunately I did find there was a little tiny bump on the underside of the rabbit ears, I don’t know if this is supposed to be there or is just a slight flaw in the molding but the position of it became a little uncomfortable.

20160326_152050 20160326_152052

I felt a little like the princess and the pea (first and only time I’ll be compared to a princess!) this tiny tiny dot was just sitting in the wrong place, it started to become a little sore, I couldn’t not feel it once I became aware of it .If I moved the toy at all there it was this little pea poking at me. A little frustrating but perhaps that’s just my body and someone else wouldn’t have even felt it.

I must say that the feel of the Deluxe Pearl Rabbit in general is gorgeous. The silicone is so so soft and silky and there is a great flexibility in both the shaft and the rabbit ears, however this is a small item so the motors are only going to kick out so much power after all, without a sturdy weight behind it, it does play more on the buzzy than rumbly sensations.

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So all in all I think this an awesome little toy. It’s petite, silky smooth, loaded with options, easy charging and looks just so cute.

For £36.99 you’re on a winner really, you get a body safe, versatile toy that packs a decent punch for such a small rabbit.

I would recommend this toy to someone that is wanting a good value, good quality product. First time sex toy users would do well with this subtle, gentle introduction to the joys of a vibrator without being overwhelming. As long as you aren’t a power queen you should find this rabbit offers you a fun time. Maybe a nice discreet travel companion too?

However if you know you need a strong, powerful vibrator with a bit more length and girth I’d probably leave this one.

A great company to work with, a great little product, a great price but just not enough oomph for me at times.


Thank you so much to Belle De Soir for sending me this product free of charge in exchange for a honest, impartial review.




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