Mind Blowing Oral Sex for Women

So today we give our lovely ladies a turn. Some instruction and advice for all of you wanting to have your women writhing in ecstasy under the mercy of your tantalizing tongue.

So what do we call it? Oral sex, cunninglingus, eating out, licking pussy, muff diving, going down? Whatever words or phrase you like to use the end game is the same. You want to bring your woman to the spiraling depths of pleasure that licking her out can do; if it’s done right! That’s what today’s blog is going to focus on.

The Basics; So going down on your girl involves several things, patience, technique, observation and most importantly enjoyment; for you and for her.

Now women can actually be a bit nervous about letting someone delve into the depths of their pussy. It can make you feel pretty vulnerable spreading your legs for someone to gaze upon your inner delights. Therefore your first task is to make her feel relaxed, comfortable, beautiful and so ready for you that she just can’t keep her knees together.

Relaxing is so important when it comes to sex of any kind so spend some time making your lovely lady feel like she is everything you desire and that you want to bring her mind blowing pleasure.


Maybe you could start with some compliments; tell her she is beautiful, hot, sexy and that you can’t wait to get your hands, and tongue on her. You want to kiss every inch of her divine body, make her moan and scream your name.

It’s worth remembering as well that it is very liberating and empowering to have a woman writhing under you so you need to relax, trust me it’s a big turn on for you as well.

Foreplay is amazing, you are getting to know one another’s bodies, figuring out what you each want, like and need to bring you both pleasure. Don’t rush it!

Touch her; So let’s assume she is still dressed, for now! Undressing each other is very sexy and exciting, touch her gently on any exposed skin, kiss her neck and shoulders, perhaps sweep her hair to one side and linger here for a moment, soft fingertips and lips on her neck will start getting her in the mood. Don’t forget her lips though, kissing is hot, let’s face it a kiss can lead to so much more so get your tongue limbered up by dazzling her with a deep, sexy smooch and begin divesting her of those clothes that are your only barrier to her soft, sensual skin.


Slide her bra straps slowly and tantalizingly down her shoulders, caress her skin as more and more is exposed.

A little tip when it comes to undressing both you and her though, get rid of the shoes and socks as soon as possible; there is nothing worse than ending up in the buff with a pair of socks and that’s it!! Not the best look for any of us so think about the order of clothing to be removed.

Keep the compliments going if you are a verbal lover and eye contact is a must, like I said in my How to give a mind blowing blowjob blog though keep that eye contact sexy not creepy. Don’t make her feel like a bug under a microscope, make her feel desired.

Fast Forward; Ok so let’s fast forward to nakedness! Once you have your lady in her birthday suit you need to carry on touching her. Running your fingers from her throat down the center of her breast and stomach will have her unconsciously lifting her hips for more. Tease her for a little while by touching everywhere but her pussy. Follow the route of your fingers with your tongue. From feet to inner thigh, I guarantee her legs will be spreading more and more trying to direct you to the good stuff. Don’t be impatient keep this going for a while and she will be soaking wet and ready for you before you know it.

Take some time to learn your ladies erogenous zones. The most common ones are the back of her neck as we mentioned, even just your soft, hot breath here can get those delicious goosebumps going. Her lips; remember the kissing, pretty obviously her breast and nipples, stroke, caress, fondle but try not to squeeze as though you are testing the ripeness of a piece of fruit. Roll her nipples between your thumb and fingers. Gently to start with but you will soon figure out if your lady likes it a bit rougher, this is where observation comes in. Take note of her reactions and work with those.


If she is moaning and pushing her breasts further into your hands this is generally a good sign so remember to take note of what seems to work for her. We are all different after all.

The backs of knees and thighs are very sensitive, there is a mass of nerve endings here so don’t over do it but it may surprise you both how much she likes this.

How about that scrumptious peachy ass? Stroke and fondle her cheeks, maybe even a little spanking but make sure you know your lady well enough to gauge if this is going to go down well; excuse the pun!

Feet and hands can also be very sensitive and some nuzzling here can be a good warm up.

Tongue Action; Now once she is seriously turned on and comfortable enough for you to delve deeper then it’s time to explore further.

Now obviously there are many positions that eating out can be very pleasurable; face sitting, a bit of the favorite number 69 but for today lets stick with good old missionary pussy eating. She can relax and be comfortable as can you. You could be here a while so make sure you are comfortable too, a pillow under her hips can increase her pleasure and open everything up for better access for you too!

So once your head has descended between her thighs you could start with your fingers to carry on caressing but hold off from penetrating just yet, you want her screaming your name remember so keep building the sensations up bit by bit.

Now it’s time to bring out the tongue and lips. A woman’s clitoris has as many nerve endings as guys have in their cocks but all contained within a much smaller area. Start with your tongue tracing her outer lips, maybe even dipping just inside. Don’t ignore these areas, you want to have her begging for more so don’t dive straight in for the clit. You need to work up to this. Long broad strokes of your tongue here works well, how about even sucking a little, no vacuum cleaner action just gentle sucking and licking of her lips. Spread her wetness around, it’s not a nice feeling to have a dry pussy so keep the teasing going and her lady juices flowing.


You should be taking note of her reactions here, her hips will start to sway trying to direct you to a certain area so don’t ignore her subtle hints. Then again maybe she is happy to tell you where and how hard; listen to her however she is telling you.

Oh and trust me if she is moaning and seems to be liking what you are doing then don’t stop! Yes it’s great to try different things and give her different sensations but don’t just stop when you find a good spot. Let her enjoy it for a while and get hornier and hornier.

Swirl your tongue around and around, sweep it up and down, get your face in there, it will save your tongue muscles from having to strain too much and oh boy does it feel good so the more pussy juice you get covering your face the better!

Ok so now it’s time to tease that clit, we all have different things that we like so keep monitoring those reactions, she will let you know what she likes. Using the tip of your tongue on the clit can produce some really intense feelings so don’t just lick it like an ice cream, tease and tickle it. Circles on and around the clit can feel divine as can sweeping motions from the bottom to the top.

When your lady is getting close you may find that her body feels more tense than before and the noises escaping her other lips change pace, when this happens, again don’t stop what you are doing, there is nothing more frustrating than being on the edge and then you change the action.

Women need longer to build to orgasm than men generally so give her time and keep doing what you are doing.

So a couple of techniques that you may of heard of before are the alphabet game; for this one it pretty much speaks for itself, you trace the letters of the alphabet with your tongue over her pussy. There will be some letters that really seem to do the talking so repeat these again and again and again, change to a different pattern for a minute then go back to the magic letter.

Or how about humming? The vibrations of your lips when you do this can be a really intense feeling. It seems like you can feel the humming resonating through your body into hers and it can be quite a thrilling sensation! It doesn’t have to be a particular song, this isn’t Stars in their eyes or the X factor but different frequencies of tone can have different effects. Try it, it may surprise both you and her.

Finger Licking Good; Now just because you have your head down there don’t forget your hands, reach up and tease her nipples, a hand pressing on her belly can intensify sensations and most importantly slipping a finger or two inside whilst you are licking away can feel out of this world, the fullness inside as well as external stimulation combined is heavenly.

The come hither motion is what you want to be working on. Curl your fingers and flex and release as if you are motioning for someone to come over to you. Well coming is the aim so very apt here! If you do this right then there is a good chance you could also find her G spot at the same time. Find this and she will be combusting around you. The G spot for a woman is located on the front wall of her vagina several inches inside; different on every woman’s body of course. It feels almost spongy and just a different texture to the rest of her. Gentle but firm circles here combined with clit licking will have her hips bucking soon enough so be patient read your ladies signs and enjoy every second of her unraveling under your ministrations.

The After Effects; Hopefully with all your efforts and patience you lady will be orgasming around your fingers and tongue. The spasms created from orgasm can be really intense so you will feel her muscles contracting around your fingers quite forcefully. When this happens don’t stop straight away, keep going for a bit longer and wring every last sensation out of her body. She will most certainly thank you for it.


If your lady is a vocal lover she will be making herself heard at this time so you should be under no illusions as to whether she has reached her peak. Once her body relaxes and collapses onto the bed or wherever you are, don’t just rip your fingers or tongue away, slowly reduce the contact. A sweet final kiss on her pussy lips or pubic bone is a nice touch here and shows her that you have had fun too and that she is still desired.

Now some women love to taste their arousal on your lips after you have been down south but don’t force this upon her, maybe discreetly wipe the excess off your lips so your kiss on her other lips afterwards is not too slobbery. Tell her she looks beautiful, that she tastes amazing, this is a massive turn on, knowing that you love the taste of her.


At this point you will probably be in need of some attention yourself but don’t rush to slam your cock into her, give her a moment to revel in her orgasm and catch her breath, she will hopefully be so overcome that she will soon be wanting to bring you pleasure as well.

Licking out is a hugely sexy and intimate act so enjoy it, I’m sure seeing her having so much pleasure will be a big turn on for you so treat her like a queen and you will feel like the king of the world!

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