Picobong KIKI 2

Picobong KIKI 2 Mini Vibe

Review by; Red Divine

Picobong are the sister company of Lelo. Affordable, body safe toys without the bells, whistles or price tag of Lelo. Although they are certainly pulling out all the stops for the Remoji indiegogo, crowd funded campaign for a mobile app controlled range of toys. Hopefully I’ll get to review one of these in the future…anyway!

The KIKI 2 is from the Power Up range of toys available from Picobong, who kindly sent me this product free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

So the KIKI 2 is a small clitoral stimulator mini vibe, mine came in a bright Cerise pink. The box for this product came wrapped in a thin cloth bag which once divested of leaves us with a small black box with a clear window displaying the KIKI 2. It’s pretty basic but I like the contrast of white lettering on the black background with just a flash of colour on the power up symbol and the icons on the back depicting Body Safe, Near silent, silicone top, waterproof and 12 modes.

the-picobong-kiki-2-with-box the-random-description-of-the-kiki-2

I found the write up on the back a little unusual, but certainly standing out from the usual more predictable blurbs. A bit of randomness doesn’t always hurt, it’s supposed to be a bit of fun after all. A little snippet….

“Found inside a meteorite in Siberia in 1908, the original KIKI was long kept a state secret due to the uncontrollable pleasure it would bring anyone who approached it. It was eventually smuggled out and resurfaced in San Francisco 1967, accidentally beginning the sexual revolution and the Summer of Love”

…I’ll just leave that out there for you.

The end piece is made from a body safe, shiny ABS plastic. Twist counter clockwise to remove and slip in a AAA battery (not included) As long as you make sure this is sealed nice and tight afterwards, youv’e got yourself a waterproof toy. Time to be frank though, I wasn’t holding out much hope for a mind blowing experience from the KIKI 2 based on being powered by just a single AAA battery, but time will tell.

the-picobong-kiki-2 battery-compartment-of-the-kiki-2

The main body of the vibe is coated in a lovely, silky soft silicone that really does feel top quality and sensually pleasing to the touch. I’m a sucker for texture but sometimes that really silky silicone is just so sexy! The KIKI 2 measures in at a petite 5” in length, and the end clitoral stimulator looks like it’s been squished, producing a slight curve that flattens out. The shape looks pretty appealing actually, as although I like pin point clit stimulation, I don’t like a too pointy end as it ends up being a sharp kind of pleasure; this is a bit different, my clit is twitching at the thought, so I’m keen to see how it lives up.

The shaft so to speak contains the controls for this vibe, they are merged in with the Picobong logo with the – in the circle of the P and the + in the circle of the b. I have a love, hate thought process on this detailing. I like how they’ve incorporated the controls within the embossed logo, it’s kind of a funky design styling. However my dislike about it is that it means there’s lots of little crevices and dips in the logo that will mean having to be very careful and particular with your cleaning so that no unwanted gunky bits are left behind. I think the logo is unnecessarily big and you can actually make out the darker wire/innards circling the P and B which detracts a bit for me as I keep thinking it’s a dirty smudge on first glance, maybe this is less noticeable in other colours? So I guess I like the concept but not a fan of the overall finished design.

you-can-see-the-dark-circles-around-the-p-and-the-b the-picobong-2

Back to the controls then, so it sounds pretty simple right? Just 2 buttons + and –  To start the vibe off press the + button firmly, you begin on the lowest, continuous vibration. It really is pretty low, like a Bee stuck in a spiders web that knows it’s a goner!

Press the + to increase the speed. – to decrease. Easy enough. For the alternative pulses and patterns, once on full speed, press and hold the + button for 2 seconds to change to each new pattern. This is where I had issues. You have to be quite firm and precise with the buttons and to be perfectly honest, if I’m feeling the love from a vibe then my brain doesn’t always work properly. I forget to press and hold long enough or skip a setting without meaning to in a frenzy, then frantically keep pressing to scroll back through, then remember I can just press the – to go back to continuous and start again or press and hold the – to lower vibrations (not likely) or to turn off.

So this just reads like a jumble of random information I know, and it felt very random and discombobulated to use at times. I’m not a fan of most pulses and patterns anyway to be fair, although their one described as Waves were not too bad. Check out the link to Picobongs site here and view the 12 vibrations question to see all the patterns, I won’t list them now as there are rather a lot.

In use I found the top speed of this vibe kind of ok ish, it would never get me to orgasm alone as my greedy clit just kept wanting more and I felt a bit frustrated that the top whack seemed to be reached quite quickly so I was always searching for extra power, then getting in a flap with the pulses. The lower settings have a bit of rumble and depth but the higher ones quickly felt more buzzy. I must say though that in Picobongs description of the item it does mention teasing and foreplay so this degree of power could be said to be a nice tease but not meant to get you all the way.

I do however love the shape! The flat end is quite interesting and feels like those low setting rumbles are nicely distributed by the flatter design, you can also use the very tip as a slightly more precise stimulation.  So it’s a win on shape.

those-circles-again-kiki-2 kiki-2-flat-end

When using this vibe I would start it off low and begin teasing my clit, determined not to raise the intensity for a while, but I found it was more frustrating than teasing and couldn’t help but press that + all the way to max pretty quick. It’s a firm vibe with no give to it, so putting a bit of pressure on my clit was no problem, moving my hips to remove or add more pressure as I felt the need. The shape of the head did allow those vibrations to spread a bit further which was good, I was feeling it spread out almost like a warmth from my clit, and the more tapered point is a nice addition, flipping between the two had me quivering a bit, but did not make me swoon or explode with sensation.

My thoughts overall on the KIKI 2 are mixed. I love the feel of the silicone, and with a bit of water based lube so as not to damage the silicone it really does make me feel very lascivious. The shape and size are nicely proportioned and the flat end with a choice of more pinpoint stimulation gets a thumbs up. The idea of the styling is great but just didn’t fulfil my expectations in actuality. It really is very quiet too so that’s a big plus if you need to be discreet!

the-picobomg-kiki-2-showing-the-logo the-kiki-2-with-lovely-shaped-end picobong-kiki-2-next-to-a-standard-size-business-card flattended-end-with-choce-of-precision-tip-kiki-2

What I didn’t like is the controls and logo issue and the general power. If you use this knowingly as a foreplay vibrator then I’d say this is a good product, it’s not overwhelming or mind blowing alone but combine with a favourite insertable toy or fingers or penis and you may be on to something.

Bit of a tough one this, I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. Maybe ambivalent? I’m struggling here.  I keep finding pros like its £29.95 to buy through Picobong which is reasonable but then I keep asking myself would I be disappointed if I had paid this? Maybe, but I definitely wouldn’t have said I regretted it either.

All in all there’s a lot to like and a few niggles but it comes down to power for me and it just didn’t quite cut it alone. I will definitely use this product in the future, especially for sound discretion and the flat end but it would always be accompanied by a playmate of some description and it won’t be my go to vibe for quick release.

shiny-abs-plastic-can-you-see-me kiki-2-is-roughly-the-size-of-a-standard-business-card

Great build quality on this product and ticks a few boxes, make it rechargeable and bump up the motor capabilities and who knows it could be awesome!


Many thanks to Picobong for kindly sending me the KIKI 2 Mini Vibe to review, you can buy it here from Picobong for £29.95

No affiliate links have been used in this review.

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