Sensation Play

Sensation Play
By; Red Divine
A physical feeling or perception resulting from something that happens to or comes into contact with the body:

Sensation can have a very different meaning for all of us. From a pleasant, enjoyable sensation to a positively vile experience, it plays a part in both physical and mental psyche. We all have different expectations from sensation and for very different reasons.

For the purpose of this post we’re talking sensation play in an erotic sense. From tickling fingers across your lovers skin to the lick and fire of a spanking or more heavy BDSM, there is a whole wealth of things out there to help you create a sensuous, memory making sensation play session.

This is not an instructional article more of a mix of ideas to help you use your own imagination and get in the mind set for what sensations can be experienced and what tickles your fancy.

You could start with a blindfold to take away one sense and heighten others. The feeling of having your vision taken away can make for some intense sensation play. Your heart beating faster and skin tingling at the anticipation of what’s to come, can be sexy and thrilling.

restraints-and-blindfolds-heighten-the-sensesSo what can you do once you have your lover blindfolded and waiting with bated breath as to what you are going to do next. Different materials work great in sensation play. A silky scarf tickling over sensitive skin, a fluffy tickler brings the blood to the surface and gets all those nerve endings tingling. You can even play around with temperatures; a mouthful of cold liquid taking over an erect nipple is a sensation that’s impossible to describe but so worth experiencing. Which leads on nicely to temperature play. Glass and metal can be cooled or warmed to add a different dimension of feeling and sensation.

glass-for-temperature-playFeathers, silk, leather, ice cubes, how about upping the romance with flower petals caressing your partners skin (remove those thorns first if you’re using roses, unless you’re looking for a more intense experience of course!!)
Just look at items around the house for inspiration or check out the many available accessories of your favourite adult retailer. Your brain plays as big a part in sex and sensation as your body does and if your brain is feeling it then most likely you’re body is experiencing some heady sensations too, so get excited about these new feelings and use your brain as well as your body to give pleasure.


Maybe you want to crank things up a notch and involve some impact play. There are more options out there for impact play than you can imagine. Starting with you; your hand can create some very sexy spanking times with your partner. Play around with positions, maybe have your lover across your knees with their bum up in the air just waiting for that first stinging spank. Focus your spanks on the soft fleshy underside, near the genitals to get the most of those nerve endings screaming their pleasure. Maybe swap between a gentle caress and fondle of those soft buttocks and then building up with gentle spanks to the ones that make both your hand and their butt sing with sweet sensations!
Then you have the options of paddles, floggers, canes, whips; it all depends on the level of pleasure, pain you want to inflict and you and your partner are comfortable with. There’s no point whipping out a leather bullwhip if your partner prefers soft, sensuous sensations, nor is there much point pulling out a fluffy tickler if your partner is wanting rosy cheeks from a firm spanking. It all comes down to communication and talking to your lover about what turns them on, what are their fantasies? What are yours?


Floggers can be a great place to start to see what kind of sensations tickle your senses. A flogger can be used to run over the skin and ramp up that anticipation. The material of your flogger can make the difference between some gentle sensations to some stinging licks across any part of the body. Paracord is an awesome material to not overwhelm the senses but still create a session that leaves your skin on fire in the best possible way. Leather is going to add much more weight behind a swing of a flogger and latex will definitely leave you with a sore butt as it scorches across those sensitive areas.


Paddles are also a great tool to bring into your play. With more of a thud than a stinging lick the sensation here is very different. Again materials play a big part in the sensation you’ll experience. Leather being the most common but then again leather comes in different thicknesses and weights so this all plays a part in the kind of thud you’ll get. A light weight leather paddle is almost like a hand spanking with just a bit more firmness and larger impact area. A heavy leather paddle used with some weight behind it may be just what your body has been hankering for.

Whips and crops and canes are alternatives and all create different sensations that you and your body may love or hate. Again this is where your brain comes into play as well. If your head is telling you ‘no freaking way’ at the thought of a cane across your behind then most likely your body will not take this sensation in a positive way. However experiment you may surprise yourself. Explore new and different things, like how about that wooden spoon in your kitchen? We’ve all smacked our own hands or more playfully with one of these (or maybe that’s just me…?)so why not actually make it your implement of choice in a spanking session? Although choose your weapon wisely, don’t let splinters become an actual pain in your ass!


Bondage and restraints are another way to experience sensation play. Cuffing or tying your partners hands again makes other sensations more intense.
Or how about some wax play candles for a hot and steamy night. These candles have a lower burning temperature than normal candles but still have a wicked heat behind them, dribbles of hot wax on your other halves skin will not only feel intense and create a different sensation but it also looks sexy as hell. A massage candle is another choice here.


Take a minute to remind yourself that vibrators don’t just have to be used on genitals..maybe teasing your lover over their nipples or inner thighs would be a great use for a powerful bullet vibe or of course the infamous body wand massagers for a whole new element of sensation.

Experimenting is the key. Try things, tweak it a bit to suit you both and most importantly have fun with it. Safety must be mentioned as well. If you are indulging in BDSM of any form make sure you and your partner have a safe word and that you are both coming at this from the same angle.

Sex isn’t all about.. ‘wham bam’.. don’t get me wrong sometimes that’s exactly what I want and need but other times that slow build up with so many different sensations sending my body into overdrive is more delicious and leaves my body much more satisfied and on fire.

Use your imagination kinky friends and see where your explorations can take you. Feel free to share your own sexy sensation stories or ideas with me, I’m bound (..pun alert!) to have missed out some elements overall here so tell me your secrets…..

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