Sweet Satisfaction Kit by Rocks Off; from J’aime

Rocks Off Sweet Satisfaction Kit

Review by; Red Divine

After talking with the lovely people at J’aime they agreed to send me the Sweet Satisfaction kit by Rocks Off. J’aime are an adult store offering everything from sex toys, lingerie and bondage items as well as a new line of luxury handmade leather items, all available to buy discreetly and securely online.

Woohoo what a treat, 3 Rocks Off products all in one aptly named set…I was certainly hoping the kit would indeed bring me Sweet Satisfaction. Apologies in advance for a rather epic review but as it contains 3 products there’s a fair bit to write about!

ro-sweet-satisfaction-packaging rocks-off-sweet-satisfaction

Upon receiving my plain packaged and discreet parcel from J’aime I eagerly tore into it to reveal the Rocks Off set with barely concealed anticipation.

Like all Rocks Off products I’ve come across there is a plain white sleeve covering the box so discretion is there till the very last moment. Sliding off this plain sleeve reveals a black glossy box with another sleeve over it. This one is the branded sleeve which states the name and image of the kit in a bold, feminine style, with an emphasis on black, pink and purple. Which unfortunately is pretty much the standard of current sex toys available, that said however I know Rocks Off create some awesome designs and colours so they certainly aren’t stuck in the Black, pink and purple rut as a company.

On the back are the individual product details. Which I will list in a moment. Beneath this the actual goods are revealed in a black tray style box with a clear plastic insert set on top to protect the items. Laid out in a velvety feel moulded insert the pinks and purples of the 3 bullets jump out nicely from the black background.

ro-sweet-satisfaction-backs ro-sweet-satisfaction-battery-info ro-sweet-satisfaction-front ro-sweet-satisfaction-back

The Sweet Satisfaction Kit consists of 3 different vibrators….

*The RO 100mm soft tip – 3 power levels and a soft silicone tip make up this ultra cute, small bullet vibrator that runs with one N size battery which is included (the kind of half length batteries) it’s fully waterproof and classed as silent but deadly.


*The RO G Spot 120mm – with 5 power settings, fully waterproof and running on X2 AAA batteries which are included. This bullet has an angled tip to hit your G Spot.


*The RO 160mm – stated as ‘the big bang bullet’ this vibe is a fair bit chunkier. Again waterproof and coming with batteries (X2 AA) 7 settings available this time.


**All products are made from ABS plastic and are phthalate and latex free. The Soft tip is made from body safe silicone.

I feel this is a great mix of bullets hopefully able to cater to many levels of arousal, strength of sensation desired and size of bullet that feels comfortable to hold, or if you’re greedy like me, start with the small and work your way up with intensity levels on a marathon masturbation session to celebrate May Masturbation Month!

The soft tip bullet will need to be used with a water based lube so as not to damage the silicone. Other lube types can be used with the other items; Rocks Off advise not to use any alcohol based products and to take care with oil based products so as not to react with the batteries if it should seep into the compartment. This shouldn’t happen as these are waterproof products but something to note.

So after perving….. I a mean perusing the 3 bullets closely I checked out the feel and functions and tried them out….!

100mm Soft Tip

Overview; This appears to be a chrome plated finish on ABS plastic with the silicone tip in a pale pink, the tip is approx a third of the overall length of the bullet and smooth matt finish. A bit of a dust magnet but this shouldn’t be a problem if you store in separate bags or boxes. It’s a pretty firm silicone with just a slight flex in the very tip. The power is supplied by a button on the flat end that appears to be made of the same material and colour, a single press starts of the low speed vibrations, a 2nd press the highest level and the 3rd a pulsing pattern. To turn off press and hold for 3 seconds. The Rocks Off logo is stamped into the chrome plating and the battery compartment is accessed with a counter clockwise twist and then pops off. I was a little disappointed over the style battery taken by this vibe.

ro-soft-tip-bullet ro-soft-tip-battery-compartment

The N size battery is not one that you see everywhere and that in itself makes me think I will end up leaving it for ages before picking up a replacement as it’s not the kind of battery you see sat at the end of the aisle in your local corner shop or that you may find lurking in a drawer at home so will have to be a special purchase. Poor choice for battery I think here, this is based purely on the fact that I’m incredibly forgetful and scatty so I will keep forgetting to pick one up. Over all the feel of the soft tip is great though. It has a very feminine feel, almost looking like a lipstick so an awesome vibe to pop in your handbag. I haven’t used this bullet in the bath or shower but have fully submersed whilst cleaning with no untoward affects. Take care to clean the seal between silicone and plastic well and along the imprinted logo and twist cap to ensure no stubborn gunk remains.


In Use; To be perfectly honest this one didn’t do a lot for me. Being small and running on one half size battery it’s only gonna give so much. To be fair I think it gives everything it’s got but that’s just not enough for my power hungry Clit. I did use this once when I was incredibly horny and already very aroused after playing for a while with other toys, once at the point of a feather brushing my Clit would send me over the edge, the feel of this soft tip was pretty awesome. But it could never get me to climax alone unfortunately. It’s rather buzzy and the point of the tip can be a little too sharp for me in general. Although I do like intense, pin point stimulation on my Clit this one’s just not quite doing it for me. Not enough power and a bit too pointy makes for an underwhelming experience. I kind of expected this to be honest and like I said when already aroused it pushed me over the edge in a heartbeat so there’s definitely some ways to make this a fun toy. I think it could work great during couple play, small enough not to get in the way and enough of a kick behind it to add a little spice.

G Spot 120mm

Overview; A lovely mid vibrancy purple colour with its quite sharply angled precision head this vibe is designed with G Spot stimulation in mind. It feels a lovely silky soft material, with what feels like a rubbery plastic making a waterproof seal between case and battery cap and power button on the bottom. Again Rocks Off logo and product name is embedded into the shaft of the vibe.

ro-g-spot-120mm ro-g-spot-battery-compartment

This bullet has 3 constant speeds that build in intensity and 2 pulse patterns. Again a single press starts the vibe and each subsequent press moves on to the next setting and a press and hold for 3 seconds turns off. 2 x AAA batteries power this curved beauty and are accessed by a counter clockwise twist of the cap and a little wiggle to remove. Cleaning wise again this is a waterproof vibe so you can get all those stubborn bits of lube and more removed from the seal and logo without fear of damaging your product. A beautiful colour and lovely silky feel makes this a pleasure to behold.

In Use;  Ok so I know there’s not necessarily a right or a wrong way to use a sex toy, what works for me may not for you and vice versa but that said I didn’t really use this vibe as a G Spot stimulator it ended up being another bullet vibe for me. The quite acute angled head designed to hit that G Spot just didn’t hit the spot for me. I prefer a more swooping curve. However I do like the firmness of the vibe for applying pressure with no give to it. So as it wasn’t tickling the spot for me I whipped it out and tried it on my Clit. Nice!! The curved head seemed to hug my Clit in a way most bullets couldn’t dream of so this was a great experience.


The power is better on this one too and has 3 building intensity settings which suits me better. The patterns however did confuse me a bit..It state 5 intense settings on the box but after the 3 building in intensity constant vibrations which it doesn’t seem to count I could still count way more than 5 patterns and pulses. I know it’s been a busy week and I’m tired but I swear I can still count!! So it seems like you get a few added bonuses to what was expected on this one. I don’t tend to linger on these patterns and pulses though but there were actually some quite nice slightly more unusual patterns within this range. Mostly though I skipped past these and concentrated on the constants. These were pretty good actually. A bit less buzzy than the small soft tip bullet and with 3 speeds there was more to keep me entertained. I love the colour and feel of this vibe and I liked using a different style shape on my Clit so all in all I quite liked this bullet. Being a power queen I was searching for that one extra level but overall I had some great if not mind blowing orgasms with the RO 120mm.

Big Bang 160mm bullet

Overview; This is the big boy of this kit. Significantly longer and chunkier than the others this bullet feels a little weightier than the others but not overwhelmingly and has the same twist cap battery compartment with rubbery seal and power button. This vibe takes X2 AA batteries so instantly you know the vibrations are going to be stronger.

ro-big-bang-bullet ro-160mm-battery-compartment

With a smooth almost metallic look in a strong pink colour the big bang bullet looks again feminine but bold. Once again being waterproof, cleaning will be a breeze but watch those tricky indents from the logo where lubey fingers may have left a residue. 7 settings on this one, 3 constant speeds that increase with each press then an extra 7 pulses style settings.

In Use; Now this was the one that really appealed to me. I like the slightly metallic colour this one boasts and it felt weighty and sturdy in my hand. There are again 3 constant vibrations that build up then a further 7 patterns and pulses. I loved using this one both internally and externally. Being long enough to send those vibrations deeper whilst inserted it wasn’t too long to be cumbersome whilst used on the Clit. I had some really quite amazing orgasms with this one and it was my favourite from the first test.

ro-160mm-logo ro-160mm-tip

The tip is nicely tapered to provide pin point Clit stimulation but not sharp enough to end up giving you that I’m gonna come but it’s getting a bit numb and painful now feeling. You know, the kind of orgasm that feels like it’s been ripped out of you instead of coaxed out. I didn’t experience that feeling with this vibe and just enjoyed some great sensations. The noise however does definitely increase on this one.

The feel and quality of these products seems really good. No rattling batteries, clean, smooth lines and easy to use, one button control. Body Safe materials also makes it a winner for the safety aspect.

I used all 3 vibes during one masturbation setting and I loved being able to move up through the intensities to bring me to climax. Starting with teasing stimulation from the Soft tip, next on to the G Spot 120mm and finally on to the Big Bang 160mm for an awesomely intense orgasm. Each vibe offers something individually and as a set they just really work. If it’s a quickie session then I would always go straight to the Big Bang for that guaranteed Big O!

ro-bullet-kit ro-sweet-satisfaction-kit

If I could make any changes to these bullets it would be finding a way to make them rechargeable or at the very least changing the Soft Tip battery. Bump the power up a notch on each and maybe throw in a choice of colours or design options.

You can buy each of these products individually or as the Sweet Satisfaction set. I would definitely recommend this kit for anyone that loves bullet vibes, and fancies a bit of a mix of sensations. If it’s all about power for you then this may not be quite enough, but I think a wide range of people would have great fun both solo and in couple play with these lovely Rocks Off products. I imagine the Soft Tip will become a bit obsolete for me due to the battery and general power but the others will definitely come out to play again.


It was a pleasure to work with the peeps at J’aime, great communication and an easy process all round. Thanks again for providing me with the Rocks Off Sweet Satisfaction Kit free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

You can purchase the Sweet Satisfaction Kit from J’aime for £45.00








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