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The G Force by Tantus

Review by; Red Divine

So when the amazing folks at Tantus asked me for my wish list, I was totally spoilt for choice from the range of their own unique formula of 100% Ultra Premium Grade Silicone toys. Tantus are the real deal when it comes to top quality, body safe products and I love their attention to sexual health as well as pleasure.

I eventually got my libido under control and focused my attention on what I really wanted from a sex toy. It was at this point that my G spot screamed ‘woah’ as I scrolled through their page and the G Force jumped out at me and had my G Spot begging me to ‘pick this one, this one!!’

The curve of the shaft and the bulbous head as well as the longer than average handle intrigued me. At a length of 10″ it was definitely longer than anything I’ve used before and gave promise to a good degree of angles to hit my G Spot.

At only 1.4″ diameter this wasn’t going to be a full, stretched feeling toy, much more focused on that little head being able to seek and find your sweet spot.

So I asked the Tantus toy fairies if I could pretty please try the G Force and that’s what waited for me when I received my plain, discreet parcel.

20160421_162519 20160421_162513

The G force that I received was the Wine colour which in reality is a deliciously deep purple colour in some lights and more of a deep red, purpley wine colour in others. The toy is presented in a clear plastic box with red accents and some general info printed on all sides. The G Force is clasped inside a moulded plastic sleeve that slides into the box. General information printed includes the most important thing in bold letters on 3 sides; 100% Ultra Premium Platinum Silicone. As well as being Hygienic, Hypoallergenic and Phthalate Free. The G force is also odorless, boilable, bleachable and great for sensitive skin. The packaging is simple and functional and tells you all you need to know. There are no frills and bows with Tantus packaging it’s pretty basic but not lacking.

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Holding the G Force for the first time, I noted that the silicone is not a silky smooth feel but the type that is more of a shiny finish that has more drag and resistance so a good water based lube will be a must. This type of silicone is unfortunately a massive dust magnet so be prepared to give the toy a quick rinse before use if it has gathered an army of dust and fluff particles since your last play. This is not a real issue for me though. (any marks you see in the photos are purely water marks from the quick rinse I gave it after its been stored since last used and anything that settled on it within the short time of photographing, I may just wave this around the house a bit in place of a duster!)

Being a silicone dildo you will need to use only water based lubes as silicone lube can damage your toy. To clean a simple wash with soapy water or toy cleaner should be sufficient. Make sure to pay attention to the grooved handle when cleaning as lube covered fingers would have left their presence here!

20160421_161956 20160421_162016

The G Force is a slim toy with a swooping curve and a bulbous head. As well as a slightly matt finish on the swirling, grooved handle for grip with a little Tantus stamp proving its authenticity. I quite like this little stamp as it helps me keep the toy the right way round and find my bearings easily. This is a firm toy which is a good thing as its extra length would take away the ability to add some pressure when in use. There is a flexibility in the shaft so its not completely ridged though. I think the flexibility and firmness is the perfect combination for me. You can bend to angle just right for you but you still have the strength holding it together for more vigorous play.

20160421_162301 20160421_162101

So after marveling at the G Force’s length, feel and firmness as well as the gorgeous little head, my G Spot cried for attention so it was time to check out the G Force in use. Water based lube at the ready we were set to go! The head immediately slipped easily into my pussy, with little resistance. Once covered in lube the silicone is slick and smooth and feels quite cool as it enters my body. As soon as I had inserted the length and tipped the head up to find my G Spot it felt like a magnetic attraction..I couldn’t not find it even if I tried not to. Now I have spent a lot of time seeking and finding and learning my G Spot but apart from a skilled partners fingers nothing has been an instant hit for me until the G Force. I think the firmness of the silicone combined with the relatively small head and long handle allows for as much maneuvering as needed depending on your anatomy and that it maintains the pressure no matter the position.

20160421_162221 20160421_162231

I’ve still never managed to orgasm purely from my G Spot but this is the closest I’ve ever got. By the time I was clawing the sheets and wanted release, I added a bullet vibrator to my clit (Tantus in this case of course! ) and in the shortest time possible I was having one of the best blended orgasms of my life. Convinced it was a one off fluke I didn’t expect the same results every time I used the G Force but it proved me wrong and repeated the awesomeness every time. Tantus claim their toys are anatomically targeted and I think they truly nailed it on this one. It felt like it was designed just for me but I’m confident that most people would hopefully experience the same. The main reason I think is the long handle, with approximately 2 thirds or more of the toy being insertable you have a great choice of how much to insert before tipping the handle down and the tip up to zone in to your G Spot. The curve of the shaft is not excessive but still enough there to make finding the perfect angle for you achievable for most people. The head is also nicely firm and almost tapered. You don’t need massive thrusts with this toy, just gentle movements and rolling did the trick for me.

20160421_162048 20160421_162009

As you can probably tell this toy is a definite winner for me! I don’t always want a big toy to stretch and fill me so this slim (maybe just a little extra girth would be nice) little dildo with it’s perfectly proportioned head, length and firmness ticks all the boxes for me.

When I am wanting a more vigorous session and a feeling of pounding fullness then the G Force would definitely not be coming out to play. For me this is definitely a more precise toy that stimulates my G Spot and that’s about it, but it does it so perfectly that for this alone it is a toy that’s definitely on my top 10 list.


Many thanks to Tantus for providing me with the G Force dildo free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

You can buy the G Force direct from Tantus for $69.97

Thanks also to Liquorice World for providing the yummy photo props.



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