Tantus Slick – Large

Tantus Slick – Large

Review by; Red Divine


  1. Smooth, glossy, and slippery
  2. Deftly executed; adroit
  3. Confident and effortlessly effective, especially in being persuasive.
  4. Superficially attractive or plausible but lacking depth or soundness
  5. Slang Excellent; wonderful.

The lovely people at Tantus were kind enough to send me one of their newest creations; the Slick, size large.

The Slick is one of the awesome O2 dual density silicone dildos that Tantus excel at. Dual density basically means a squishy outer layer over a firmer inner core. It still features the 100% ultra premium grade silicone that Tantus are famous for but with an added squish that I couldn’t wait to get my hands and vulva on!

the-slick tantus-slick-large

A quick word about the presentation from Tantus; they keep their packaging on a similar theme for all their products which I love. There’s no mistaking a Tantus product with its clear window showing the product in all its glory and then nice bright colours on a simple box that gives some basic information on the individual item itself.

This is the first dual density item I’ve tried and I pretty much tore into the packaging to get my hands on it…before remembering photographs…! (Oh by the way, its water droplets on the photos nothing else!!)

As soon as the Slick was in my hands I feared I’d never put it down. It just felt so delicious I couldn’t stop squeezing and flopping and squishing it. If I felt like this in my hands what was it going to feel like inside of me?

slick-and-packaging-2 back-of-slick-box

The Slick is a shiny finish silicone and like all silicone of this design it’s a dust and lint magnet, within seconds it had picked up every dust mote, dog hair and anything else in the atmosphere so be warned no matter how you store the Slick you are likely to need to give it a good rinse before you use it every time and after obviously. Talking of cleaning you have loads of options with Tantus products. Bleach it, boil it, fling it in the dishwasher or like me just some good old antibacterial soap and water and a spritz of toy cleaner which will do the job just fine. Seeing as the Slick is a smooth texture free toy as well cleaning really is a breeze.

Texture? Well there are no bumps or ridges on the Slick it is a perfectly sleek and smooth dildo with a flared base which makes it suitable for use in a harness and also for anal. The shape is visually very appealing, it is not a realistic dildo which suits me just fine but it has a gorgeous curve and an almost arrow shaped head meaning it flares out then tapers to a sexy point that should make insertion a breeze. The dual density is where the realism comes into play, instead of being totally rigid it has that soft outer layer that gives a more realistic feel to it.

the-slick slick-bend

I did wonder if it would be a little underwhelming considering it is totally texture free but the shape and that squish held promise for me!

So after applying a liberal amount of lube (water based kinky friends! Don’t risk damaging your Slick with a silicone lube! ) I gave the Slick a test run. Size wise the Slick has a decent girth and length to it so I opted for all that lube straight away. It measures in at…7” Length with a 1.5” Diameter

Feeling that cool slick silicone on my labia is always such a sexy feeling to me, the anticipation of what’s to come always gets me excited! With a bit of pressure I started to insert the Slick’s arrow head. It stretched me more than I expected and then..that delicious Pop! *swoon* It’s such a hard feeling to describe but as my body welcomes the dildo it pops into place and all my muscles squeeze and tense around this foreign object whilst it adjusts to the feels.

It took very little thrusting for the arrow tip to start hitting my G Spot, the dual density really came to light for me at this point. The Slick holds its position but the outer squish gives my muscles something to work on. The pressure on my G spot was pretty perfect. Hard and heavy with a softness that massages all the right places.

tantus-slick-base tantus-slick-head

I didn’t feel the need to thrust a huge amount of the useable length with the Slick as my G spot was getting all the attention it needed. So with short shallow thrusts and rocking movements it felt divine. I love that the base is designed so that you have a marker as to which is the right way up. Sometimes you don’t notice straight away that a dildo has started spinning round until the sensations start dipping so having that shape is really handy.

Unfortunately I’ve never been able to orgasm from internal stimulation alone so usually I fuck myself for a while with a dildo and when I’m feeling very turned on and in need of release I tend to add a bullet vibe to my clit. When doing this with the Slick it didn’t take long before I could hardly thrust anymore as my inner muscles had clamped down hard and sent me over the edge for a pretty damn mind blowing orgasm.

tantus-slick-from-above tantus-logo

I love the Slick and it will definitely be a regular dildo for me. It’s smoothness, size and squish is a great combination for me. I love the shape of the head and will never get enough of that yummy pop. I feel that the Slick has a great weight to it as well. Its heavy enough to apply pressure where needed, it doesn’t over flex and holds its own no matter how hard I thrust. It’s a bit of a lazy way to orgasm for me with this one. Sometimes that’s just what I need and the Slick will definitely be my partner in crime on these occasions.

Tantus you’ve done it again. Not just a pretty dildo but an effective, pleasurable toy that hits the spot, squishes where I need it to and is just a really lovely toy to hold and use.

slick-and-packaging slick-arrow-head

You can purchase the Slick in either small or large and in the lovely purple like mine or black direct from Tantus. The large as reviewed here is $89.00

Thank you so much to Tantus for providing me with the Slick free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Affiliate links have been used in this review, this in no way affects my opinion of the product.

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